SPRINGFIELD – A new bill sponsored by State Senator Laura Fine (D-Glenview) would extend the statute of limitations from five years to 10 on certain types of theft, including identity theft or financial exploitation of the elderly.

House Bill 2287 gives victims of such crimes 10 years from the date the last act was committed to press charges. Crimes covered under this wider prosecution window include identity theft or financial exploitation of an elderly person or person with disabilities, or that involve theft of property exceeding $100,000 in value.

“These are serious crimes that can leave people in financial ruin for years,” Fine said. “Giving victims of crimes a bit more time to file charges allows them to have a better chance to receive the justice they deserve, especially in cases where the victim may not realize what’s happened until well after the fact.”

The legislation passed the Senate with unanimous, bipartisan support. It will be sent to the governor for approval.

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SPRINGFIELD – A bill sponsored by State Senator Laura Fine (D-Glenview) will provide support for people who are facing homelessness.

“Many individuals and families may be one paycheck away from homelessness, and we want to do as much as we can to prevent this traumatic experience,” Fine said. “This bill gives families who are struggling a little bit of breathing room.”

House Bill 3331 gives homeless organizations the flexibility to use the funding they already receive to better address issues. It adds the payment of rent or mortgage as a type of assistance available through the Homelessness Prevention Services Program. This will allow these organizations to help families stay in their homes so they do not find themselves in a stressful, traumatic situation.

The bill passed the Senate Human Services Committee, and will be up for consideration by the full Senate.

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SPRINGFIELD – Graduate and research assistants would have the same labor rights as other educational employees under a bill sponsored by State Senator Laura Fine (D – Glenview). The bill was approved today by a Senate committee.

“Graduate and research assistants are not considered employees despite performing a very important duty that benefits their university and society as a whole,” Fine said. “Allowing graduate and research assistants to collectively bargain will afford them the same dignity and respect already secured by their colleagues.”

Currently, those classified as “students” are excluded from the definition of educational employee. House Bill 253 removes graduate assistants whose primary duties are research or pre-professional from the “student” classification, therefore allowing them to be counted as employees. This in turn entitles them to the same rights and incentives as other educational employees in the state, including the right to collectively bargain for things such as better working conditions and fairer pay.

“Having a say over one’s own labor is a right that should be guaranteed to everyone,” Fine said. “I’m proud to be fighting to ensure graduate and research assistants can continue to do their important work with dignity.”

The bill passed through the Senate Labor Committee and will now receive consideration from the full Senate.

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SPRINGFIELD –State Senator Laura Fine (D-Glenview) voted in favor of a proposal to put the implementation of a fair tax system in Illinois on the 2020 ballot.

“I’m proud to have supported this proposal, which puts us one step closer to implementing a Fair Tax in Illinois,” Fine said. “This new tax structure is sound fiscal policy that will give us the freedom to invest in key areas across the state.”

The Fair Tax system would replace the current flat rate system, under which every taxpayer in Illinois pays the same rate regardless of income. The new Fair Tax introduces a tiered rate structure similar to the federal income tax.

Fine was one of 36 members of the Senate to vote in favor of the legislation, which will now be sent to the House. Should it pass the House, it will still face one additional hurdle: The Illinois Constitution. A flat tax rate is codified in the Constitution, and any effort to remove it requires 60 percent of Illinois voters who vote on the question to approve a Constitutional amendment in the 2020 general election.

“I’m confident that the voters of Illinois will make an educated decision on this ballot measure,” Fine said. “Taxpayers have called for a fairer tax system, and today the Senate did its part in providing them the opportunity to vote for one.”

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