Senator Laura Fine SPRINGFIELD – In an effort to reduce plastic waste, hotels across Illinois will phase out the use of small, single-use plastic bottles for personal care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, or hand lotion. Legislation sponsored by State Senator Laura Fine would require hotels to take a more environmentally conscious approach to hospitality with the implementation of the Small Single-Use Plastic Bottle Act. 

“Plastic is a significant source of pollution and impacts our waterways and natural habitats,” said Fine (D-Glenview). “This is a sustainability initiative that prohibits the hotel industry from using small plastic bottles in their rooms to make way for an environmentally-friendly approach to customer service.” 

Senate Bill 2960 creates the Small Single-Use Plastic Bottle Act, which requires hotels with 50 or more rooms to eliminate the use of small-single use plastic bottles containing personal care products in individual rooms and public bathrooms beginning July 1, 2025. By Jan. 1, 2026, all hotels with fewer than 50 rooms are expected to make this transition. 

Fine’s legislation builds on her dedication to confront pollution from single-use plastics. Last year she passed a law requiring state agencies to track their own purchases of single-use plastic disposable foodware and establish goals for reducing use of these items.

“Hotels around Illinois will now join us in our broader effort to become a leading eco-friendly state, reflecting our dedication to preserving the health of our existing environment,” said Fine. “We need to take the steps that we can now to prevent our state from adding to the rise in plastic pollution nationwide and help people to be more mindful of the daily waste attributed to single-use plastic.” 

Senate Bill 2960 passed the Senate Environment and Conservation Committee last Thursday and heads to the full Senate for consideration.