State Senator Laura FineSPRINGFIELD – To give families and caregivers timely notice of their loved one’s passing, State Senator Laura Fine is leading a measure that would require substance abuse programs and mental health facilities to provide transparent communication regarding a patient’s death.

“Families and caregivers should have complete assurance in the programs and facilities they are placing their loved ones in for treatment,” said Fine (D-Glenview). “It is both tragic and unacceptable that a family would have to wait several days before being notified of their loved one’s passing.”

Under current law, a facility must provide verbal notice regarding a significant incident to the Illinois Department of Human Services within 24 hours. However, there is no mandate that requires a family member to be notified of a patient’s death within a specific timeframe.

Jordan’s Law is named in honor of an Evanston family who shared their story about their son, Jordan, who passed away while in a rehab facility. The family was not notified of their son’s death until at least a week later and they wanted to ensure that no other family would have to experience this again. This bill requires substance abuse disorder programs and mental health and developmental disability facilities to notify a patient’s personal representative of their death within 24 hours and provide a written notice within five days.

“This measure gives families and caretakers the respect of receiving a timely, transparent notice of death, while giving providers a streamlined process to eliminate any confusion,” said Fine. “Jordan’s legacy will forever impact people throughout the state of Illinois.”

Senate Bill 3137 passed the Senate last week and now heads to the House for further consideration.