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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Laura Fine recognizes crucial investments in the Fiscal Year 2024 budget that will help transform the behavioral and mental health care system for children.

“When a caregiver is looking to treat their child’s physical health needs, there is easily accessible information on where to go. This information needs to be just as accessible when caregivers are seeking to support their child’s mental health,” said Fine (D-Glenview). “This budget’s investment in the Children’s Behavioral Health Transformation Initiative will help normalize treating mental health concerns in children and ensure essential treatment is available for the kids who need it most.”

The FY 2024 budget invests nearly $23 million to implement the new Children’s Behavioral Health Transformation Initiative. This plan is based on findings from a year’s worth of research on how to make mental and behavioral health care more accessible for our state’s children and adolescents. Based on this research, the initiative will transform statewide systems to provide clear guidance to families seeking behavioral or mental health services, as well as increasing capacity so youth in need have access to essential resources and care.

Additionally, the budget provides $200 million to better serve Illinoisans with developmental disabilities. It also allocates funding for expanded workforce development programs to train people for emerging industries.

“This budget will provide critical investments in future generations so we can continue to grow emerging industries in Illinois,” said Fine. “These funds will help create well-paying jobs in communities in every part of the state.”

The budget heads to the House for further consideration.