Sen. Laura Fine

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Laura Fine, chair of the Senate Behavioral and Mental Health Committee, is leading a measure to ensure Illinoisans can have annual mental health wellness visits covered under their insurance at no additional cost.

“Just as people need yearly physical checkups to make sure their health is in order, people need annual checkups for their mental health,” said Fine (D-Glenview). “Covering these annual visits will encourage people to seek necessary treatment for their mental health.”

House Bill 2847 would require health insurance plans under the Insurance Code, State Employees Group Insurance Act of 1971, the Counties Code, the Illinois Municipal Code, and the School Code to cover annual mental health checkups and wellness visits starting in 2025. It also encourages the Illinois Department of Public Health to engage in an educational campaign to bring awareness to the public regarding mental health and wellness. These initiatives will continue to normalize prioritizing and treating mental health concerns, leading to greater well-being throughout the state.

“Because of the stigma surrounding mental health, many Illinoisans may resist seeking mental health care. This could leave people who would benefit from support reluctant to seek treatment due to fear of stigmatization,” said Fine. “Normalizing annual mental health checkups will give people who may not have considered seeking support the strength to do so.”

House Bill 2847 passed the Senate on Thursday.