Over the past few days, I have participated in local vigils with thousands of people, and I have tried to digest the unimaginable horrors inflicted upon innocent victims. As a wife, mother, and member of the Jewish community, my heart breaks, as I cannot comprehend the full scope of atrocities of what has unfolded. Hamas terrorists have intentionally and brutally targeted women, children, and the elderly in their unspeakable attacks and are now holding Israelis, Americans, and others hostage. The futures and dreams of hundreds of people will never be realized because of these senseless acts of terrorism. I pray for the victims of these heinous acts and their families, and I send strength to every human being whose life has been upended by these unthinkable acts. Every elected official must unequivocally condemn these atrocious acts of terrorism for we can't live in a society where murdering innocent civilians is tolerated or justified in any way. I stand with Israel.